Netvisor API interface

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Netvisor API interface for PHP 5.3+.

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Before you start hacking away

You must do the following things to get everything up and running:

  • Get your partner ID and key from Netvisor
  • Get access to Netvisor web management page (testing environment has its own management page)
  • Activate use of external interfaces in your management page
  • Create new interface ID & key with your management page (same as above).



Most of the configuration parameters should be obtained from Netvisor.

netvisor.host           = "https://www.netvisor.biz"         // Test server is "http://integrationdemo.netvisor.fi"
netvisor.sender         = "Testiclient"                      // Pick a name that describes your service
netvisor.customerId     = "XX_yyyy_1yyy"                     // Create manually in your Netvisor management page
netvisor.partnerId      = "Xxx_yyy"                          // Obtain from your Netvisor contact
netvisor.organizationId = "2521043-1"                        // Your company ID

netvisor.userKey        = "D953E3D10457F778B009F88B038CC3C7" // Create manually in your Netvisor management page
netvisor.partnerKey     = "3BCBFB382CE884YD6C8D4F4FC1C2AC95" // Obtain from your Netvisor contact

netvisor.language       = "FI"
netvisor.enabled        = true


$config   = new Xi\Netvisor\Config(...);       // Use the parameters described above.
$netvisor = new Xi\Netvisor\Netvisor($config);

Constructing XML

You can instantiate a certain type of a Resource (e.g. Xi\Netvisor\Resource\Xml\SalesInvoice). All Resources should extend Xi\Netvisor\Resource\Xml\Root and implement getDtdPath() to return a file path which points to a correct DTD file (used for validation).

Resource's mandatory parameters are given in the constructor. Optional values can be set via setters.


$invoice = new Xi\Netvisor\Resource\Xml\SalesInvoice(...);

$invoiceProductLine = new Xi\Netvisor\Resource\Xml\SalesInvoiceProductLine(...);