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  • PHP


    This module provides a way to make any HTML tag's inner content editable in TEXTAREA editor.

  • PHP


    This bundle adds a Twig Extension with a filter for automatically dates to more readable format, such as 'today', 'yesterday', '5 minutes ago', '2 days ago', etc...

  • PHP


    This module provides a toolbar for your project's development to easily fetch memory usage information, tail of Apache's access and error logs as well as phpinfo(), all from their own tab in the toolbar.

  • PHP


    Symfony2 bundle to implement phpDocumentor into any project from which the documentation is accessible with a browser.

  • PHP


    A script to manage /etc/hosts and virtual host files with single JSON file. Includes Twig templates for different application frameworks. Apache and Nginx servers are currently supported.

  • PHP


    A Zend Framework 2 module for uploading files to a File Bank along with metadata, keywords and status information and a controller to offer saved files for download.

  • PHP


    This module provides a way to obtain weather forecast for a given city and use view helper to display that information on your view scripts.

  • JavaScript


    Open source alternative to Yammer and Moovia, corporate social media portal.

  • PHP


    Netvisor API interface