A resource to help people starting with Cake3

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Xeta is a resource to help people starting with Cake3.

Actually, I have developed this blog to try CakePHP 3 and for my needs (personal blog), and I have decided to release it to help people with CakePHP 3, so there is probably some custom configurations/functions that only fit my needs.



Screenshots of the Administration Panel



Blog Articles Management

Blog Articles Management

Blog Articles Management

Users Management

Users Management


If you need to install to try a function or any other things, just follow the steps bellow.


  • 📦 PHP
  • 📦 Composer
  • 🍰 All requirements for CakePHP 3 : list here
  • 📦 PHP cURL extension
  • 📦 Supported DBMS : MySQL
  • 📦 Google Recaptcha (For the register form)

Steps to install :

  • Setup a new database on your server
  • Run :
composer create-project --prefer-dist xety/xeta <application_name>
composer run-script installation

You need to download the browscap.ini file.

vendor/bin/browscap-php browscap:fetch
vendor/bin/browscap-php browscap:convert
  • Congratulations ! The application is ready to use. 👍

Pre-installed Accounts

  • Admin account
    • User : Admin | Pass : administrator
  • Member account
    • User : Test | Pass : testaccount




This project implements many features and will implements more in the future. Here's a list of the features developed in Xeta :

  • Blog
    • Categories
    • Comments
    • Likes Articles
    • Article's Internationalization (You change your language, the article is also translated in the language that you have choosen)
    • Archives
    • Quote
    • Attachments
  • Admin Panel
    • Google Analytics integrated
    • Members Management
    • Blog Management
      • Attachments
      • Categories
      • Articles
    • Groups Management
    • Settings Management
  • Private Conversations
    • Multi-Participants
    • Kick/Invite Participants
    • Star Conversations
  • Two Factor Authentication (TOTP)
  • Logs
    • Preview Logs Preview

    • Logs Events list :

Command Description
user.connection.manual.success Triggered when the user login on the login page.
user.connection.manual.failed Triggered when the user failed to login on the login page.
user.connection.auto Triggered when the user is automated login with Cookies.
user.account.modify Triggered when the user has modified his account.
user.email Triggered when the user has changed his Email.
user.password.change Triggered when the user has changed his password.
user.password.reset Triggered when the user has asked a password reset.
user.password.reset.successful Triggered when an user has successfully reset his password with the Email.
2FA.enabled Triggered when an user enbale the 2FA mode.
2FA.disabled Triggered when an user disable the 2FA mode.
2FA.recovery_code.regenerate Triggered when an user regenerate a new recovery code.
2FA.recovery_code.used Triggered when an user use his recovery code.
  • WYSIWYG Editor (CKEditor)
    • Articles, Comments

All the CakePHP3's features that i use in the project are described here.


If you want to contribute to the project by adding new features or just fix a bug, feel free to do a PR.


Follow this guide to contribute

Special Thanks