Laravel Extension for Behat

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Behat Extension compatible with both Laravel and Lumen

Getting Started


Pull in the extension using composer

composer require xedi/laravel-behat --dev

ℹ️ If you are using Lumen you will need to register the ServiceProvider yourself for access to the Artisan commands.

// bootstrap/app.php
if (class_exists("Xedi\\Behat\\ServiceProvider")) {


Next you need to configure behat.

php artisan make:behat-yaml

It is recommended that you use a .env.behat environment file and set the LOG_DRIVER to single.

Then, you need to initialize a behat within your repository.

vendor/bin/behat --init

If everything is working, it will create a "features" directory within your repository.

Running the tests

To run the test run behat as normal.


Alternatively, you can run individual files:

vendor/bin/behat -- features/Example.feature

You can also run specific Scenarios by specifying the line number it begins on:

vendor/bin/behat -- features/Example.feature:54

For more information, check out the help documentation using the --help option