PHP_CodeSniffer sniff that checks class name matches PSR-4 project structure.

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v3.0.0 2021-06-02 06:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-29 04:07:28 UTC


A custom PHP Code Sniffer sniff to help to find classes that is not compliant with PSR-4 Autoloader.


Please visit ./tests/demo, if you would like to try this sniff.


Classes, interfaces and traits

This sniff covers not only classes but also interfaces and traits.

Namespaces and class names

This sniff checks whether both of namespaces and class names match PSR-4 project structure.

Configuration free

As this sniff respects composer.json autoloading configuration, you don't have to declare mapping between namespace prefixes and base directories.

Similar packages

Psr4Fixer of PHP-CS-Fixer

Psr4Fixer checkes if class names should match the file name and fixes the class names if its don't correspond to the file names. It doesn't check the namespaces.

In contrast, suin/phpcs-psr4-sniff checks not only class names but also namespaces.


SlevomatCodingStandard.Files.TypeNameMatchesFileName is a custom PHP Code Sniffer sniff to check whether namespaces and class names follow PSR-0/PSR-4 project structure.

This sniff is similar to suin/phpcs-psr4-sniff, but it needs explicit configuration about the PSR-0/PSR-4 project structure. suin/phpcs-psr4-sniff takes implicit way as it follows the autoloding configuration of Composer.


composer require --dev suin/phpcs-psr4-sniff


At first, create a PHPCS ruleset XML (phpcs.xml.dist or phpcs.xml) file in the root of your project.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="My Project">
    <!-- Specify directory that composer.json is placed. Usually it would be
    project root directory. -->
    <arg name="basepath" value="."/>

    <!-- Relative path to your ruleset.xml -->
    <rule ref="vendor/suin/phpcs-psr4-sniff/src/Suin"/>

    <!-- Optional: If you have to specify composer.json path, please add
    following section. -->
    <rule ref="Suin.Classes.PSR4">
            <!-- composerJsonPath must be relative path to "basepath" -->
            <property name="composerJsonPath" value="sub-dir/composer.json"/>

Then run it with the command:

vendor/bin/phpcs src


Please see CHANGELOG for more details.


Send issue or pull-request to main repository.