Code Quality checker wrapper for GrumPHP

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This composer package will provide some basic code quality checks before committing code by using https://github.com/phpro/grumphp.

It checks only modified files or new files on git commit, but check on all configured paths can be executed running vendor/bin/grumphp run

This tool only extends GrumPHP. Please read its documentation on how to configure tool itself.

Checks performed

This repository currently has following checks:


  • Composer
  • PHP >= 7.1


This needs to be done only once either while creating a project or enabling code checks in existing project.

composer require wunderio/code-quality --dev
cp vendor/wunderio/code-quality/config/grumphp.yml ./grumphp.yml
cp vendor/wunderio/code-quality/config/phpstan.neon ./phpstan.neon

The commit hook for GrumPHP is automatically installed on composer require.



Details of the configuration are broken down into the following sections.

Task parameters

If you need to customize the rules for PHP CodeSniffer then drop in phpcs.xml in the same folder as composer.json and configure grumphp.yml:

        - phpcs.xml

Same applies to any task that uses other configuration file (easy-coding-standards).

Each code quality tool allows you to define at least 3 things:

  • run_on - Multiple paths that will be checked and files staged must be from same path
  • ignore_patterns - path parts that will exclude files from check
  • extensions - file extensions of files that should be checked

Please see individual task documentation for more information on what are other configurable options.


Since GrumPHP is just a CLI tool, these commands can be triggered:


The pre-commit hook will be automatically run upon executing git commit.

The code scanning can be avoided by git commit --no-verify or git commit -n.

You can run the checks manually with: ./vendor/bin/grumphp run

Usage in Continuous Integration

You can easily use the code quality checkers on your CI (CircleCi/Jenkins/GitLab CI) by adding this line:

./vendor/bin/grumphp run --no-ansi --no-interaction