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Woohoo Labs. Worm is an efficient and minimal ORM enabling data mapping.

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The steps of this process are quite straightforward. The only thing you need is Composer.

Add Worm to your composer.json:

To install this library, run the command below and you will get the latest version:

$ composer require woohoolabs/worm

Note: The tests and examples won't be downloaded by default. You have to use composer require woohoolabs/worm --prefer-source or clone the repository if you need them.

Basic Usage

Advanced Usage


Have a look at the examples directory for a really basic example. Don't forget to run composer install first in Worm's root directory if you want to try it out!


This library follows SemVer v2.0.0.

Change Log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Worm has a PHPUnit test suite. To run the tests, run the following command from the project folder:

$ phpunit

Additionally, you may run docker-compose up or make test to execute the tests.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


Please see SUPPORT for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see the License File for more information.