A set of services to help you create beautiful REST APIs

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A framework agnostic PHP library based on fractal to help you craft beautiful REST APIs.

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The main goal is to provide an easy to use and powerful REST API library that seamlessly integrates with modern frameworks.

The paradigm reads as follow:

  • A method will ask for a given resource (usually a controller), sending over an http request that we Parse to find standardized parameters. A resource is a data object, that you can fetch from a data store - as a collection or as an entry. Thoses resources can have relationships, can be filtered, can be modified, ....
  • The library will fetch the resource(s) according to the given Object Manager (something like an orm, odm) and request
  • It then transforms the data into standardized resource(s) given the provided Object Reader (there are many ways to configure resources, such as doctrine annotations, configuration files, ...)
  • It sends the found resources to fractal with the appropriate Transformer for serialization on the given output format.


composer require wizards/rest-api


The library's conventions are based on the jsonapi ones.

Query Paramters

The RestQueryParser will expect those query parameters:

  • Collection

    • sort
      • name to sort by ascending name
      • -name to sort by descending name
      • Example: ?sort=-date
    • filter to filter resources by values.
      • multiple values for filters should be provided coma-separated.
      • Example: ?filter[name]=dupont,dupond&filter[surname]=thomas
    • filteroperator
      • to change the default filter opetator from = to something else.
      • available operators: <, >, <=, >=, !=, in.
      • Example: ?filter[age]=18&filteroperator[age]=>=
    • include to include relationships data.
      • Example: /books?include=author,editor
    • limit: how many results you want to see by page.
    • page: the page number. Starts at 1.
  • Single resource

    • include to include relationships data. Example: /books/1?include=author,editor


Plain ol' PHP


namespace App\Controller;

use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
use WizardsRest\ObjectManager\ArrayObjectManager;
use WizardsRest\CollectionManager;
use WizardsRest\Provider;
use WizardsRest\Serializer;
use WizardsRest\ObjectReader\ArrayReader;
use WizardsRest\Paginator\ArrayPagerfantaPaginator;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\RouterInterface;
use WizardsRest\Transformer\ArrayTransformer;

Class BookController {
    private $source = [
        ['name' => 'Book 1', 'author' => 'Author 1', 'editor' => 'Editor 1'],
        ['name' => 'Book 2', 'author' => 'Author 2', 'editor' => 'Editor 2'],
	// Books controller. Somehow, this is called
    public function getBooks(RouterInterface $router, ServerRequestInterface $request) {
        // Fetch
        $objectManager = new ArrayObjectManager();
        $paginator = new ArrayPagerfantaPaginator($router);
        $collectionManager = new CollectionManager($paginator, $objectManager);
        $collection = $collectionManager->getPaginatedCollection($this->source, $request);
        // Transform
        $fractalManager = new \League\Fractal\Manager();
        $reader = new ArrayReader();
        $provider = new Provider(new ArrayTransformer(), $fractalManager, $reader);
        $resource = $provider->transform($collection, $request, null, 'books');
        // Serialize
        $serializer = new Serializer($fractalManager, 'https://mysite.com');
        return $serializer->serialize($resource, Serializer::SPEC_DATA_ARRAY, Serializer::FORMAT_ARRAY);


See the documentation on Wizards Technologies' REST API Bundle


We are actively looking for laravel developers to support it !

Future plans

  • Add more tests
  • Add the sparse fieldset feature
  • Add advanced filter operators such as like or between
  • Optimize how the data are fetched from the source.
  • Think about serialization groups.