Module used in shop extentions decide the state of an order

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Module used in shop extentions to read/load default credentials

How to setup

Using composer to install the package

composer require wirecard/extentions-order-state-module

Directory Structure

Public API


The tests should serve as executable documentation.

There are two types of test doubles which narrow down the scope of each test: the shop system and the persona.


The test

  • Mallory - is a malicious user who never pays

Shop Systems

  • AlwaysFailingShopSystem - no matter what you do, it fails
  • PurchaseShopSystem - it goes along with any order, but it is set up to purchase
  • AuthorizationShopSystem - it does along with any order, but it is set up to authorization payments
  • CustomShopSystem - a configurable shop system which you can set to either purchase or authorization, but to which you can also add custom states