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Windwalker Crypt package is a wrap of PHP Openssl and Libsodium library to hash and verify password, and provides an easy interface to do Symmetric Algorithm encryption.

Installation via Composer

Add this to the require block in your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "windwalker/crypt": "~3.0"

Password Hashing

Password object is a simple object to encrypt user's password, it is impossible to decrypt password hash, Password object uses a one-way algorithm.

Create Password

use Windwalker\Crypt\Password;

$password = new Password;

$pass = $password->create('pass1234');

// $2y$10$csNfML/FJlKwaHR8xREgZuhp0pqSqeg.jdACqDsKO/MCHDkTuIZEa

Using other hash algorithm

use Windwalker\Crypt\Password;

$password = new Password(Password::SHA256);

$pass = $password->create('pass1234');

Set cost and salt:

use Windwalker\Crypt\Password;

// The Blowfish algorithm should set cost number between 4 to 31.
// We are suggest not higher than 15, else it will be too slow.
$password = new Password(Password::BLOWFISH, 15, md5('to be or not to be.'));

$pass = $password->create('pass1234');

// Note the Sha256 and Sha512 should set cost number higher than 1000
$password = new Password(Password::SHA512, 5000, md5('to be or not to be.'));

$pass = $password->create('pass1234');

Available algorithms

  • Password::MD5
  • Password::BLOWFISH (default)
  • Password::SHA256
  • Password::SHA512
  • Password::ARGON2 (libsodium)
  • Password::SCRYPT (libsodium)

NOTE: ARGON2 and SCRYPT must install php ext-libsodium and libsodium library first. Native PHP cannot implement them. These 2 algos will ignore cost and salt and use Sodium way to hash password.

Verify Password

We don't need to care the hash algorithm, Password object will auto detect the algorithm type:

$bool = $password->verify('pass1234', $pass);

Symmetric-Key Algorithm Encryption

The Crypt object provides different ciphers to encrypt/decrypt your data. Most of these ciphers must use PHP openssl functions to work. If your PHP are not available for openssl extension, you can use PhpAesCipher as default cipher, it is a native PHP implementation of AES by aes.class.php.

Use Cipher

use Windwalker\Crypt\Cipher\BlowfishCipher;
use Windwalker\Crypt\Crypt;

$crypt = new Crypt(new BlowfishCipher);

$encrypted = $crypt->encrypt('My Text', 'My private key');

$bool = $crypt->verify('My Text', $encrypted, 'My private key'); // True

Get the plain text back:

$crypt = new Crypt(new BlowfishCipher);

$encrypted = $crypt->encrypt('My Text', 'My private key');

$text = $crypt->decrypt($encrypted);

Custom Cipher

You can set mode to cipher.

$cipher = new BlowfishCipher($key);



Or set the PBKDF2 iteration count.

$cipher = new BlowfishCipher($key, array('pbkdf2_iteration' => 64000)); // Default is 12000


Use Libsodium to encrypt data, you must install paragonie/sodium_compat first.

paragonie/sodium_compat helps us use libsodium without extension, but you should install ext-libsodium to get higher performance.

use Windwalker\Crypt\Cipher\SodiumCipher;

$crypt = new Crypt(new SodiumCipher);

$encrypted = $cipher->encrypt($text);

$text = $cipher->decrypt($encrypted);

Pure php cannot implement memory wipe, if you get sodium_memzero() only supports after php 7.2 or ext-libsodium installed. message, it means you must install ext-libsodium or use php 7.2 or higher, you can also disable memory wipe by ignoreMemzero() (But we don't recommend to do this):

$cipher = new SodiumCipher;

$crypt = new Crypt($cipher);

Available Ciphers