Anonymize a WordPress database without a WordPress installation

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This repository can be used as a third party library or as a standalone Docker application.

The main use case is to anonymize a database filled with user and customer data before committing it to a VCS repository. It will anonymize both WordPress base data and WooCommerce data.

Docker standalone usage

Run this command to automatically anonymize your WordPress database.

WARNING! This operation is irreversible. Make a database backup before proceeding. To make automatic backups of your WordPress database, you can use williarin/secure-mysql-backups.

docker run --rm \
    -e DATABASE_URL='mysql://user:user@' \


Variable Description Default
DATABASE_URL The database url to connect to. mysql://test:test@
TABLE_PREFIX The table prefix used by WordPress. wp_

Installation as a library in your project

To integrate this library to your project, install it with Composer:

composer require williarin/wordpress-anonymizer


$faker = Faker\Factory::create();
$connection = DriverManager::getConnection(['url' => 'mysql://user:pass@localhost:3306/wp_mywebsite?serverVersion=8.0']);
$tablePrefix = 'wp_';

$anonymizer = new Anonymizer([
    new UserProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix),
    new UserMetaProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix),
    new CommentProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix),
    new WoocommerceUserMetaProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix),
    new WoocommercePostMetaProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix),

// Anonymize the whole database at once

// or use a provider to anonymize only a part
$commentProvider = new CommentProvider($connection, $faker, $tablePrefix);



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