Zend Framework 3 Module that provides Domus ERP API functionality.

v1.0.0 2018-08-06 18:31 UTC


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ZF3 Module to consume the DomusErp API.

This module uses the domuserp-php


The suggested installation method is via composer:

composer require willhoffmann/domuserp-module

Configure module

  • Copy /vendor/willhoffmann/domuserp-module/config/domuserp-module.local.php.dist into your global autoload folder, remove the dist extension so that Zend Framework picks it up

Or run copy command:

cp vendor/willhoffmann/domuserp-module/config/domuserp-module.local.php.dist config/autoload/domuserp-module.local.php

Enable module

Register as Zend Framework module inside your config/application.config.php file:

// config/application.config.php
return [
    'modules' => [