WebIDL parser for PHP

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WebIDL is a parser for Web IDL, a language to specify web APIs in interoperable way. This library supports PHP, and is in the same spirit as (but shares no code with) webidl2 for JavaScript and the browser.

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This package is available on Packagist:

$ composer require wikimedia/webidl


WebIDL provides one function, parse, which converts a WebIDL string into a syntax tree.

use Wikimedia\WebIDL;

$tree = WebIDL::parse("string of WebIDL");

The parse() method optionally takes an option array with the following keys:

  • concrete: Boolean indicating whether the result should include an EOF node or not.
  • sourceName: The source name, typically a filename. Errors and validation objects can indicate their origin if you pass a value.

AST (Abstract Syntax Tree)

The AST output matches the webidl2 AST docs with PHP associative arrays replacing JavaScript objects in the usual way (ie, JSON output deserialized in PHP with json_decode($ast, true)).

Briefly, the WebIDL input:

interface _Iroha : _Magic {};
_Iroha includes _Color;

Gives the following PHP array after parsing:

       "type" => "interface",
       "name" => "Iroha",
       "inheritance" => "Magic",
       "members" => [],
       "extAttrs" => [],
       "partial" => false,
       "type" => "includes",
       "extAttrs" => [],
       "target" => "Iroha",
       "includes" => "Color",

Refer to the webidl2 docs or the files in tests/syntax/ for more details.


Test cases in tests/invalid and tests/syntax come from webidl2.js. If you update them from upstream, please update the commit hash in tests/WebIDLTest.php as well.

$ composer test


The grammar is written using wikipeg, a PEG parser generator that can output either JS or PHP code. To regenerate the parser after changes are made to Grammar.php, run:

$ npm install # once, to install the JS version of wikipeg
$ composer wikipeg

License and Credits

The initial version of this code was written by C. Scott Ananian and is Copyright (c) 2021 Wikimedia Foundation.

This code is distributed under the MIT license; see LICENSE for more info.

Test cases used by this code were part of the webidl2.js package, which is Copyright (c) 2014 Robin Berjon and also distributed under the MIT license.