Wordpress skeleton using composer, bower, plugin dependencies and various config files

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wp-skeleton is a very thin wrapper around https://github.com/wemakecustom/wp-skeleton-installer. The easy way to install WordPress and get it work.


  • All the needed files (including the .gitignore) are installed.
  • Dependency management with composer and bower.
  • LESS compiler.
  • A basic .htacess (with rewriterule, compression and expires headers).


Clone the git repo

$ git clone git@github.com:wemakecustom/wp-skeleton.git

Run composer to install all packages that wp-skeleton depends on.

$ composer install

Run bower to get all recent script up to date.

$ bower update


Running composer of wp-skeleton will install all the following needed packages:

  • wp-skeleton-installer (and its dependencies)
  • lessphp
  • w3-total-cache
  • wordpress-seo
  • wp-skeleton-theme
  • wp-skeleton-theme-demo (child theme in dev environnement)

Running bower will insure that the following scripts are installed in /wp-content/components:

  • jquery
  • bootstrap
  • font-awesome
  • console-polyfill
  • underscore
  • modernizr