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v3.0 2015-11-05 18:49 UTC


Install scripts to work with wp-skeleton.

What it does

  • install WordPress with composer :
    • johnpbloch/wordpress (version ^4.0)
    • wemakecustom/wp-pot-generator (version ~2.0@dev)
    • wemakecustom/composer-script-utils
    • wp-cli/wp-cli
  • create plugins, mu-plugins, themes folders into /htdocs/wp-content/
  • add the default .gitignore for wordpress.
  • executed scripts before and after each update/install with composer to ensure a stable environement.
  • add new binaries dependencies :
    • bin/rename-prefix.php (help to change wordpress tables prefix)
    • bin/update-wpskeleton.php


Clone this git repo.

$ git clone git@github.com:wemakecustom/wp-skeleton-installer.git

Run composer to install.

$ composer install

You will see a prompt message to set default database information, WPLANG and WP_DEBUG.

Scripts executed for each update and install

  • ScriptHandler::installMuRequire (install all must-use plugins)
  • ScriptHandler::rsync (move files from temporary to destination folder)
  • ScriptHandler::verifyGitignore (install default .gitignore)
  • ScriptHandler::installWpConfig (install default .wp-config.php)
  • ScriptHandler::configureAbspath (set the ABSPath for /htdocs/)
  • ScriptHandler::updateConfigs (update config's files with database and basics configuration needed for WordPress)
  • ScriptHandler::wordpressSymlinks (create symlink to WordPress files (except for license.txt, readme.html, composer.json, wp-config-sample.php, wp-config.php, /wp-content/)
  • ScriptHandler::generateRandomKeys (set random variables for encryption of information stored in the user's cookies)


    "require": {
        "wemakecustom/wp-skeleton-installer": "*",
    "scripts": {
        "post-install-cmd": [
        "post-update-cmd": [
    "extra": {
        "wordpress-install-dir": "vendor/wordpress/wordpress",