MailChimp API V3 Symfony Bundle

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This bundle will help you synchronise your project's newsletter subscribers into MailChimp throught MailChimp API V3.


  • Use your own userProvider (basic FosSubscriberProvider included to interface with FosUserBundle)
  • Use your own listProvider (DoctrineListProvider included to retrieve your list from a database)
  • Synchronize Merge Fields with your config
  • Synchronize your subscriber with a List
  • Use lifecycle event to subscribe/unsubscribe/delete subscriber from a List
  • Retrieve MailChimp Object to make custom MailChimp API V3 requests
  • Register Webhooks


Add bundle to your project:

composer require welp/mailchimp-bundle

Add Welp\MailchimpBundle\WelpMailchimpBundle to your AppKernel.php:

$bundles = [
    // ...
    new Welp\MailchimpBundle\WelpMailchimpBundle(),

Minimal Configuration

In your config.yml:


More configuration on the documentation.

Full Documentation

Look at the full documentation at https://welpdev.github.io/mailchimp-bundle/

  • Setup
  • Configuration
  • Subscriber Provider
  • List Provider
  • Usage
    • Synchronize merge fields
    • Full synchronization with command
    • Unit synchronization with events
      • Subscribe new User
      • Unsubscribe a User
      • Update a User
      • Change User's email address (WORKAROUND)
      • Delete a User
    • Retrieve MailChimp Object to make custom MailChimp API V3 requests
  • Webhook
    • Update User when subscribe/unsubscribe


If you want to contribute to this project, look at over here