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Re-usable user form widgets for silverstripe-elemental

1.0.0 2024-04-24 08:31 UTC


Re-usable user form widgets for silverstripe-elemental


  • See composer.json requirements


  • wedevelopnl/silverstripe-elemental-widget-userforms

Installation note

This module has silverstripe/userforms as dependency which in certain situations doesn't work as expected. If you have installed your site without silverstripe/recipe-cms, then make sure you have a global \PageController controller defined before using this module. If you do not have such a global controller then you can simply copy the one provided by recipe cms and copy that one in your own project.

See #1198


See License


Development and contribution

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. See read our contributing document for more information.

Getting started

We advise to use Docker/Docker compose for development.
We also included a Makefile to simplify some commands

Our development container contains some built-in tools like PHPCSFixer.

Cypress spec

This module includes some cypress specs for e2e testing with the module. The specs can be found in dev/cypress.

These specs are mainly written to validate the module is in working order inside our own testing suite but they might be usable for other scenarios aswell.

The specs assume that our cypress support modules are installed

In order to include these specs in your test run simply load the specs in your cypress.config.js

module.exports = defineConfig({
    specPattern: [