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WebGlue is a tiny web framework. Actually it's nothing more than some glue between the Symfony HttpFoundation Request and Response object, and a very simple router. I find it helps me a lot for quick prototyping and small projects.


Very simple:

  1. Instantiate WebGlue
  2. Add services to instance using array notation (optional)
  3. Add routes using following syntax $app-><method>(<route>, <callback>);
  4. Your callback will get 3 arguments passed to it: the WebGlue instance, a request object, a response object
  5. Modify the response to your needs. You don't need to return it.


##Hello Willem

$app = new WebGlue;

// for routes accepting POST, use $app->post, etc.
$app->get('/', function($app, $request, $response){
    $response->setContent('hello world');

$app->get('/greet/{name:string}', function($app, $request, $response){
    $name = $request->attributes->get('name');
    $response->setContent('hello ' . $name);


##Add services

$app = new WebGlue;

// add the excellent Twig templating engine
$app['twig'] = new Twig_Environment(new Twig_Loader_Filesystem(__DIR__.'/templates'));

$app->get('/', function($app, $request, $response){

##Use composer

Only master for now...

    "require" : {
        "webglue/webglue": "dev-master"


include __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';