This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Build and deploy tool for PHP

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Conveyor is a build and deploy tool written in PHP for PHP projects.

Full documentation is available at http://conveyordeploy.com

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Installation / Usage

  1. Download the conveyor.phar executable.
  2. Create a conveyor.yml by running: php conveyor.phar init
  3. Read the docs on how to configure Conveyor for your project

Installation from source

To run tests, or to contribute to Conveyor, you must use the sources and not the phar file as described above.

  1. Run git clone https://github.com/webcreate/conveyor.git
  2. Run Composer to get the dependencies: cd conveyor && php composer.phar install

You can now run Conveyor by executing the bin/conveyor script: php bin/conveyor


All code contributions must go through a pull request and approved by a core developer before being merged. This is to ensure proper review of all the code.

Fork the project, create a feature branch, and send us a pull request.

To ensure a consistent code base, you should make sure the code follows the Coding Standards which we borrowed from Symfony.


Conveyor is released under the terms of the MIT License.