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Last update: 2021-11-27 03:06:42 UTC


Use DNS SRV records to resolve services.

  • select records with minimum priority (as RFC 2782)
  • use a RR algorithm over weights in order to select the right service (as RFC). The RR uses a standard distribution (mean 0, variance 1).
use Corley\Service\Dns;
use Corley\Service\Resolve;

$dns = new Resolve(new Dns());

$config = $dns->resolve("www.corsi.walterdalmut.com");

echo $config["target"]; // 1.corsi.walterdalmut.com
echo $config["port"];   // 80
echo $config["pri"];    // the min priority (1)
echo $config["weight"]; // the rr weight resource (10)

Resolve all

The resolve method returns a single DNS resolution, with resolveAll we can get the list of services with the minimum priority

$config = $dns->resolveAll("www.corsi.walterdalmut.com");

var_dump($config); // minimum priority list: [["pri" => 1, ...],[...],[...]]