This nova package allows you to use CKEditor 4 for text areas.

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Laravel Nova CKEditor 4 Field

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⚠️ CKEditor4 End of Life ⚠️

The time has come where CKEditor4 has reached it's semi End of Life, which you can read more about at CKEditor 4: End of Life June 2023

Unforunately to use the CKEditor4 LTS (anything greater than v4.22.1), it requires that you have a Long Term Support.

This package isn't going anywhere soon, but if you are using CKEditor4 v4.22.1 or less, you may encounter a Security Warning due to the CKEditor checking a version file on the CKEditor side.

This disables the security warning option by default within the configuration since by default it points to v4.22.1 non-LTS CKEditor4.

If you do have the LTS package for CKEditor4, please renable your version check within your configuration, before updating this package to v1.4.0.


This nova package allows you to use CKEditor 4 for text areas using Nova v4.

CKEditor Form Field


Nova v1, v2, v3 compatibility instructions

You can install the package into a Laravel application that uses Nova via composer:

composer require waynestate/nova-ckeditor4-field

By default the CKEditor 4 instance used is the latest (4.22.1) Full All version (https://cdn.ckeditor.com/). If you wish to use a different CKEditor 4 you can do so by publishing and editing the configuration.



namespace App\Nova;

use Waynestate\Nova\CKEditor4Field\CKEditor;

class Article extends Resource
    // ...

    public function fields(Request $request)
        return [
            // ...

            CKEditor::make('Body', 'body');
            // ...

Overriding Config Values

To change any of config values, publish a config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=nova-ckeditor4-field-config


Configuration options

You can change the configuration options of the CKEditor instance by either editing the published config file at nova.ckeditor-field.options

    | CKEditor Options
    | To view a list of all available options checkout the CKEditor API documentation
    | https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/api/CKEDITOR_config.html
    'options' => [
        'toolbar' => [
            ['Source','-','Cut','Copy','Paste','PasteText','PasteFromWord','-','Print', 'SpellChecker', 'Scayt'],
            ['Maximize', 'ShowBlocks','-','About']

or you can pass it with the options method using:

public function fields(Request $request)
    return [
        // ...

        CKEditor::make('Body', 'body')->options([
            'height' => 300,
            'toolbar' => [

        // ...

File Uploads

The nova-ckeditor4-field allows the use of file uploads by extending the attachment functionality of the Trix field

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=nova-ckeditor4-field-config # Make sure the config file is published
php artisan migrate # Run the migrations

The package migrations will automatically run when running php artisan migrate.

If you are not going to use the Files and have no need for the migrations, you can disable migrations in config/nova/ckeditor-field.php, set the enable_migrations to false.

    'migrations' => [
        'enable_migrations' => false,
        // ...

If you do not wish to use the Laravel Migration, but publish the migration yourself to your project. Within the published /config/nova/ckeditor-field.php, set the auto_migrate to false.

    'migrations' => [
        'enable_migrations' => true,
        'auto_migrate' => false,

and then publish the migration to your project.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=nova-ckeditor4-field-migrations

if you wish to not use the default Attachment and/or PendingAttachment models. You could replace with your own within the published /config/nova/ckeditor-field.php,

    'attachment_model' => \Waynestate\Nova\CKEditor4Field\Models\Attachment::class,
    'pending_attachment_model' => \Waynestate\Nova\CKEditor4Field\Models\PendingAttachment::class,

Using the File Uploads feature requires that the CKEditor uses the plugins Enhanced Image (image2) and UploadImage. If they are not included within your configuration, they will be added automatically.

Like the Trix field you'll be able to chain the method withFiles onto the field's definition, while passing the name of the filesystem disk where the images should be stored:

use Waynestate\Nova\CKEditor4Field\CKEditor;


Also to prune any stale attachments from the storage and table, you'll want to register a job to run periodically:

use Waynestate\Nova\CKEditor4Field\Jobs\PruneStaleAttachments;

* Define the application's command schedule.
* @param  \Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule  $schedule
* @return void
protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)
    $schedule->call(function () {
        (new PruneStaleAttachments)();

Limitations using File Uploads

Images are not removed from the filesystem when they are removed from the editor. For the time being you'll need to rectrify this on your own.

Custom CKEditor Instance

If you wish to not use the CKEditor from the CKEditor CDN, you can change the ckeditor_url under config/nova/ckeditor-field.php to point to the URL of the CKEditor you wish to use.

If you wish to go the route of a Custom CKEditor Instance using Composer then follow the steps at Using Composer for Custom CKEditor Instance

Nova v1, v2, or v3 compatibility

If you require the use of nova-ckeditor4-field using Nova v1, v2 or v3, you can install using version 0.7.0

composer require waynestate/nova-ckeditor4-field:"^0.7.0"


Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email web@wayne.edu instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.