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Yii 2 Advanced Project Template

v2.3.1 2022-04-02 23:18 UTC


This repo has had a major update! Try it out :)

A member's system built on the Yii2 Advanced framework. Environments and init have been replaced by DotEnv. The user and admin dashboards are using AdminLTE. Admin's have basic RBAC.

This has been built on top of the Yii2 Advanced App version 2.0.35, so it is way more up to date than older version of this repo.

New Features

  • Affiliate links and basic landing pages.
  • View sponsor and referrals
  • Updated separate admin/super/root privileges


  • AdminLTE theme on frontend & backend apps
  • mainsite is the default Yii2 template
  • 3 separate sections: admin (backend), users (frontend), and mainsite (for your custom homepage)
  • admins and users are completely separated (sessions, cookies, db table, etc)
  • Shared login between mainsite and users (frontend) apps
  • Database migrations (separate user and admin tables, user profile, basic user settings)
  • Extended User Component to easily add to Yii::$app->user->something
  • Extended View Component to pass an additional page title and body classes
  • Affiliate links and basic landing pages.
  • View sponsor and referrals
  • Updated separate admin/super/root privileges
  • and probably a few more things, so poke around the code :)


composer create-project wadeshuler/yii2-members-system yii2-members-system

Once Composer has done it's thing, you need to run:

composer install

A .env file should have been placed in your project root. Check it out and update what you need.

Then, create the database yii2-members-system. If you already have a database with that name, choose another name. Assign a user to that database. Then update the .env with your database information.

Now you can run the migrations:

./yii migrate


Out of the box, the paths would be like so:


It is highly recommended to setup VHOSTS and point the domain (even if local) to the web directories. I prefer to map yii2-members-system.test to mainsite/web, user.yii2-members-system.test to frontend/web, and admin.yii2-members-system.test to backend/web. Obviously, you can use whatever domain name you want here.

If you are configuring this locally (XAMPP or WAMP), you will create fake domains. I typically do .test domains for my local emulation.

To create this domain, edit your hosts file and point your localhost IP to it.

Mac, Unix: sudo nano /etc/hosts

Enter your password. At the bottom of the hosts file, add:       yii2-members-system.test

Then press CTRL + o to save and CTRL + x to exit. Restart your web server.

Windows: Open C:\Windows\system32\etc\hosts with your preferred text editor.

If your on Windows 10 and have issues getting the hosts file to save, do this. Copy the hosts file and paste it on your desktop. Edit the one on your desktop and save it. Then copy it from your desktop to the etc directory, confirm to replace.

Here is an example of my VHOSTS from my local XAMPP. You may need to adjust the DocumentRoot path:

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName yii2-members-system.test
        ServerAlias www.yii2-members-system.test
        DocumentRoot "/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/yii2-members-system/mainsite/web"
        ErrorLog "logs/mainsite.yii2-members-system.test-error_log"
        CustomLog "logs/mainsite.yii2-members-system.test-access_log" common

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName yii2-members-system.test
        ServerAlias users.yii2-members-system.test
        DocumentRoot "/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/yii2-members-system/frontend/web"
        ErrorLog "logs/users.yii2-members-system.test-error_log"
        CustomLog "logs/users.yii2-members-system.test-access_log" common

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName yii2-members-system.test
        ServerAlias admin.yii2-members-system.test
        DocumentRoot "/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/yii2-members-system/backend/web"
        ErrorLog "logs/admin.yii2-members-system.test-error_log"
        CustomLog "logs/admin.yii2-members-system.test-access_log" common

Restart your web server and access your new domains in your browser.

If you have issues, please check the issues tab.

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