Url Shortener for Laravel 5 with support for Google and Bitly drivers.

1.0.8 2019-05-06 14:59 UTC

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URL shortener package that gives a convenient Laravel Facade for mremi/UrlShortener

WAAVI is a web development studio based in Madrid, Spain. You can learn more about us at waavi.com

Laravel compatibility

Laravel translation
5.1.x 1.0.x
5.2.x 1.0.1 and higher
5.5.x 1.0.7 and higher

Installation and Setup

Require through composer

composer require waavi/url-shortener 1.0.x

Or manually edit your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "waavi/url-shortener": "1.0.x"

In config/app.php, add the following entry to the end of the providers array:


And the following alias:

'UrlShortener' => Waavi\UrlShortener\Facades\UrlShortener::class,

Publish the configuration file, the form view and the language entries:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Waavi\UrlShortener\UrlShortenerServiceProvider"

Check the config files for the environment variables you need to set for the selected driver.


Shorten a url

\UrlShortener::shorten('http://google.com'); // Uses default driver as per config settings

Expand a url

\UrlShortener::expand('http://google.com'); // Uses default driver as per config settings