HTML minifier and indenter that works on the DOM tree

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HTML Pretty-Min is a PHP library for minifying and prettyprinting (indenting) HTML documents that works directly on the DOM tree of an HTML document.

Currently it has the following features:

  • Prettyprint:

    • Indent Block-level elements, do not indent inline elements
  • Minify:

    • Remove whitespace and newlines
    • Compress embedded Javascript using mrclay/jsmin-php
    • Compress embedded CSS using tubalmartin/cssmin
    • Remove some attributes when their value is empty (by default "style" and "class" attributes)
    • Remove comments, except those matching some given regular expressions (by default, IE conditional comments are kept)


HTML Pretty-Min is listed on Packagist.

composer require wa72/html-pretty-min


use Wa72\HtmlPrettymin\PrettyMin;

$pm = new PrettyMin();

$output = $pm
    ->load($html)   // $html may be a \DOMDocument, a string containing an HTML code, 
                    // or an \SplFileInfo pointing to an HTML document

For prettyprinting, call the indent() method instead of minify().

Attention: Because the formatting is done directly on the DOM tree, a DOMDocument object given to the load() method will be modified:

$dom_document = new \DOMDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8');
$dom_document->loadHTML('<html>...some html code...</html>');


echo $dom_document->saveHTML(); // Will output the minified, not the original, document