Enhanced Laravel Translation Manager

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6.0.0 2019-10-12 15:17 UTC



This package is used to comfortably manage, view, edit and translate Laravel language files with translation assistance through the Yandex Translation API. It augments the Laravel Translator system with a ton of practical functionality. Features

⚠️ Only MySQL and PostgreSQL Database connections are supported. Adding another database only requires additional repository interface implementations following the examples of MysqlTranslatorRepository.php or PostgresTranslatorRepository.php.

⚠️ Version 2.6.10 has a new migration

When upgrading from earlier versions run:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Vsch\TranslationManager\ManagerServiceProvider" --tag=public --force
$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Vsch\TranslationManager\ManagerServiceProvider" --tag=migrations
$ php artisan migrate

Supported Laravel Versions

  • For Laravel 6.0 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~6.0"

  • For Laravel 5.6 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~2.6"

  • For Laravel 5.5 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~2.5"

  • For Laravel 5.4 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~2.4"

  • For Laravel 5.3 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~2.3"

    Upgrading from LTM 2.0 or 2.1 to 2.3

  • For Laravel 5.2 require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~2.1"

Laravel version 4.2 is no longer supported.

You can still get access to the last updated version. Use the laravel4 branch, or require: "vsch/laravel-translation-manager": "~1.0"

Initial Localizations Added

❗ If you have made correction to the auto-translated localization and would like to share them with others please do so. It will be greatly appreciated.

Detailed information is now in the wiki.

Version Notes

2.6.16 Adds React App UI as an alternative to WebUI


Version 2.6.10 released

React UI added as an option to WebUI.

Code updated for Laravel 5.6 compatibility

Support for JSON translation files added. Versioninfo.md

Version 2.5.6 released

Support for JSON translation files added. Versioninfo.md

Code updated for Laravel 5.5 compatibility

Version 2.4.36 released

Support for JSON translation files added. Versioninfo.md

Important LTM Translator method changes to restore compatibility with Laravel 5.4 API. These changes affect the order of arguments to the LTM Translator implementation. If you were using these methods based on previous LTM implementation then you will need to make changes in your code:

From transChoice($id, $number, array $parameters = array(), $domain = 'messages', $locale = null, $useDB = null) to transChoice($id, $number, array $parameters = array(), $locale = null, $domain = 'messages', $useDB = null)

From trans($id, array $parameters = array(), $domain = 'messages', $locale = null, $useDB = null) to trans($id, array $parameters = array(), $locale = null, $domain = 'messages', $useDB = null)

From get($key, array $replace = array(), $locale = null, $useDB = null) to get($key, array $replace = array(), $locale = null, $fallback = true, $useDB = null)

Version 2.4.0 released

Laravel 5.4 compatible release. No API changes only internal implementation changes.

Version 2.3.3 released

Laravel 5.3 compatible release. For upgrade instructions see Upgrading 2.0, 2.1 to 2.3

Now using Laravel 5 authorization API to handle all LTM related authorizations.

Find Translations now update source references for translation keys and add new keys with cleanup of dynamic keys. Need to publish and run migrations for this update Installation: Publishing And Running Migrations

Now you can view source file and line number references for translations. See Web Interface: Source References

Screen Shot Show Source Refs

If you are upgrading from version 2.0.x of LTM you need to:

  1. Remove the dependency to UserPrivilegeMapper from your application: Removing dependency on UserPrivilegeMapper from service providers array and Removing dependency on UserPrivilegeMapper from facade alias array
  2. Define the abilities used by LTM: Setting up user authorization

Per Locale User Access Control

Implementation changed from the last release since using a closure in config file is not supported by the framework. Now using abilities to do the same. See Enabling per locale user access control

By default this option is turned off and any user who does not have ltm-admin-translations ability can modify any locale. With user_locales_enabled option enabled you can control which locales a user is allowed to modify. Default for all users is all locales, unless you specifically change that through the web UI, see User Admin or by populating the ltm_user_locales table appropriately.

Screen Shot

Translation Manager Screenshot

* This package was originally based on Barry vd. Heuvel's excellent barryvdh package.