LaravelCollective Html and Form builder for Lumen.

v1.0.13 2016-10-06 15:04 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-12 21:07:50 UTC


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Official documentation for Forms & Html for The Laravel/Lumen Framework can be found at the LaravelCollective website.

Instalation on Lumen

composer require vluzrmos/collective-html


On your bootstrap/app.php:


class_alias('Collective\Html\HtmlFacade', 'Html');

class_alias('Collective\Html\FormFacade', 'Form');

And remember to enable de facades, just uncomment that line:


If you want to automatically inject the $html and $form variables on all your Blade's View:


And now you will not need the facades anymore, just that:

{!! $form->open() !!}
{!! $html->asset() !!}

Known Issues

Lumen UrlGenerator doesn't support route('route.name', $id), because that you have to use an associative array:

{!! Form::open(['route' => ['route.name', ['id' => $id ] ]]) !!}

Lumen UrlGenerator do not generate correctly urls on console commands or non-browser requests, to fix that I suggest you to install my other package:

composer require vluzrmos/lumen-url-host

And add lumenUrlHost('your-disired.domain:port'); at the top of your bootstrap/app.php file.

Link: vluzrmos/lumen-url-host.

Replacing LaravelCollective/Html

If your project require some package that requires laravelcollective/html, you can edit your composer.json to:

for Lumen 5.1:

"vluzrmos/collective-html": "1.0.9 as 5.1",
"package-vendor/package-required-name":"package-version" //that requires laravelcollective/html 5.1

for Lumen 5.0:

"vluzrmos/collective-html": "1.0.9 as 5.0",
"package-vendor/package-required-name":"package-version" //that requires laravelcollective/html 5.0

Note: use version 1.0.9 or the latest vluzrmos/collective-html version.


That package is just a free modification of LaravelCollective/Html to work with Lumen Framework.