RabbitMQ driver for Laravel Queue. Supports Laravel Horizon.

v10.1.3 2020-01-11 22:30 UTC


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Support Policy

Only the latest version will get new features. Bug fixes will be provided using the following scheme:

Package Version Laravel Version Bug Fixes Until
6.0 5.5 August 30th, 2019 Documentation
7.0 5.6 August 7th, 2018 Documentation
7.1 5.7 March 4th, 2019 Documentation
7.2 5.8 August 26th, 2019 Documentation
8.0 5.8 August 26th, 2019 Documentation
9 6 September 3rd, 2021 Documentation
10 6 September 3rd, 2021 Documentation


You can install this package via composer using this command:

composer require vladimir-yuldashev/laravel-queue-rabbitmq

The package will automatically register itself.

Add connection to config/queue.php:

'connections' => [
    // ...

    'rabbitmq' => [
       'driver' => 'rabbitmq',
       'queue' => env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE', 'default'),
       'connection' => PhpAmqpLib\Connection\AMQPLazyConnection::class,
       'hosts' => [
               'host' => env('RABBITMQ_HOST', ''),
               'port' => env('RABBITMQ_PORT', 5672),
               'user' => env('RABBITMQ_USER', 'guest'),
               'password' => env('RABBITMQ_PASSWORD', 'guest'),
               'vhost' => env('RABBITMQ_VHOST', '/'),
       'options' => [
           'ssl_options' => [
               'cafile' => env('RABBITMQ_SSL_CAFILE', null),
               'local_cert' => env('RABBITMQ_SSL_LOCALCERT', null),
               'local_key' => env('RABBITMQ_SSL_LOCALKEY', null),
               'verify_peer' => env('RABBITMQ_SSL_VERIFY_PEER', true),
               'passphrase' => env('RABBITMQ_SSL_PASSPHRASE', null),
        * Set to "horizon" if you wish to use Laravel Horizon.
       'worker' => env('RABBITMQ_WORKER', 'default'),

    // ...    

Laravel Usage

Once you completed the configuration you can use Laravel Queue API. If you used other queue drivers you do not need to change anything else. If you do not know how to use Queue API, please refer to the official Laravel documentation: http://laravel.com/docs/queues

Laravel Horizon Usage

Starting with 8.0, this package supports Laravel Horizon out of the box. Firstly, install Horizon and then set RABBITMQ_WORKER to horizon.

Lumen Usage

For Lumen usage the service provider should be registered manually as follow in bootstrap/app.php:


Consuming Messages

There are two ways of consuming messages.

  1. queue:work command which is Laravel's built-in command. This command utilizes basic_get.

  2. rabbitmq:consume command which is provided by this package. This command utilizes basic_consume and is more performant than basic_get by ~2x.


Setup RabbitMQ using docker-compose:

docker-compose up -d rabbitmq

To run the test suite you can use the following commands:

# To run both style and unit tests.
composer test

# To run only style tests.
composer test:style

# To run only unit tests.
composer test:unit

If you receive any errors from the style tests, you can automatically fix most, if not all of the issues with the following command:

composer fix:style


You can contribute to this package by discovering bugs and opening issues. Please, add to which version of package you create pull request or issue. (e.g. [5.2] Fatal error on delayed job)