Fetch changelog for a given composer update

2.1.0 2023-02-06 12:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-28 20:45:27 UTC


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You probably want this either as a dev dependency, in which case you would install it like so:

composer require --dev violinist-dev/composer-changelog-fetcher

Or you might want to install it as a global tool, in which case you would do this:

composer global require violinist-dev/composer-changelog-fetcher


You probably want to invoke this within a project. Let's say you run composer outdated:

symfony/http-foundation    v3.4.22    v3.4.23    Symfony HttpFoundation Component

...and then you want to know what changed. Let's assume your bin directory is in vendor/bin/:

./vendor/bin/changelog-fetcher fetch -p symfony/http-foundation -f v3.4.22 -t v3.4.23

..then you might get output like this:

9a96d77: Apply php-cs-fixer rule for array_key_exists() (

You can also get this output as json (in this example piped into jq for readability):

./vendor/bin/changelog-fetcher fetch -p symfony/http-foundation -f v3.4.22 -t v3.4.23 -d ~/Sites/violinist -o json | jq
    "hash": "9a96d77",
    "message": "Apply php-cs-fixer rule for array_key_exists()",
    "link": ""