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v1.0 2015-01-28 15:50 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-27 22:39:13 UTC



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A backend for dedicated products implementing an easy to use content management system and exposes data through an API specifically tailored for web and mobile.



  • install composer
  • create your agency based project with composer create-project vinelab/agency my-project


  • let Laravel know what environment you're running under in bootstrap/start.php by checking this line:
$env = $app->detectEnvironment(array(

    'development' => array('agency-develop') // as set in

  • make sure the database is configured as expected in app/config/[environment]/database.php

Database Migration and Seeding

inside the project directory:

  • migrate with php artisan migrate
  • seed with php artisan db:seed


If you're following the steps in the deployment repo, visiting should open it up.

  • login to the CMS by visiting
    • user:
    • pass: meh

remember to change them after logging in


  • Multi admin access control with fine-grained role/permission assignment
  • Token based authenticated API to expose content to all sorts of consumers (mobile, web, third-parties, etc.)
  • Very cool looking and customizable interface 😎 thanks to Ace Admin
  • Amazon AWS S3 CDN support for uploaded assets
  • Image cropping with specified ratio and/or size
  • Organize and retrieve content by sections and categories
  • Youtube video integration
  • Harmless text editor that cleans the 💩 out of any text inserted or pasted in