A cli for creating vespula-flavoured slim projects. To be used with vespula/slim-mvc.

0.1.7 2018-06-15 14:49 UTC


These command line tools make it easy to create a Vespula-flavoured Slim Framework MVC project.

Install this package into your vespula/slim-mvc installation.

composer require vespula/slim-cli

Creating a project

There are two ways to create a project; The interactive script, and the non-interactive script.

Interactive script


Follow the prompts to create a project.

When it asks for the target directory, you should enter /path/to/your/slim-mvc/src as it will create a new folder named the same as your project name.

Non-interactive script

./vendor/bin/vespula-cli-project -t /var/www/slim-mvc/src/MyProject -l bootstrap

where -t is the target folder, including the project name (MyProject) and -l is the optional theme to use (bootstrap, foundation, or default)