Simple solution for managing packages in Nette framework

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Simple solution for managing packages in Nette framework.

What problems can it solve?

  • Registering extensions to Nette\Compiler
  • Creating default config structure in config.neon
  • Publishing directory with assets into %wwwDir%
  • Resolving paths to packages by simple syntax


Install package manager

composer require venne/packages:@dev           // as a dependency
# composer create-project venne/packages:@dev  // aside from the project

add hooks to root composer.json file

	"scripts": {
		"post-install-cmd": [
			"vendor/bin/package-manager sync --composer"
		"post-update-cmd": [
			"vendor/bin/package-manager sync --composer"

Use it by composer commands

composer require kdyby/doctrine

Package definition

If you have already created composer.json file, you're done ;)


Metadata allow you to define advanced features:

  • relativePublicPath: directory with asset files.
  • configuration: array will be copied to config.neon file.
  • installers: array of classes implements Venne\Packages\IInstaller.

There are three ways how to define metadata:

1) In composer.json:

	"extra": {
		"venne": {
			"relativePublicPath": "/Resources/public",
			"configuration": {
				"extensions": {
					"translation": "Kdyby\\Translation\\DI\\TranslationExtension"
			"installers": [

2) In .venne.php file:

Implement interface Venne\Packages\IPackage


namespace MyProject;

class Package extends \Venne\Packages\Package {}

3) In venne/packages-metadata repository:

Fork and edit

Extra functions

Package manager can provide some services which you can use it in your application. Make sure that you have installed package manager as dependency:

composer require venne/packages:@dev

Now you are using it as regular package. Not only independent package manager.

Service Venne\Packages\PathResolver

Service for resolving paths to packages by @ syntax. Use . as separator between project and package name. For example: @kdyby.doctrine.

$pathResolver = $container->getByType('Venne\Packages\PathResolver');
echo $pathResolver->expandPath('@my.package/foo/bar');        // /path_to_my_package/foo/bar
echo $pathResolver->expandResource('@my.package/foo/bar');    // {$resourcesDir}/my/package/foo/bar


New macros and new possibilities in classic macros:

{path @my.package/file}                   // browser_path_to_my.package/file
{extends @my.package/@layout.latte}       // extends from other package
{includeblock @my.package/@layout.latte}  // include blocks from template


vendor/bin/package-manager list                # List packages
vendor/bin/package-manager sync                # Synchronize all packages with filesystem
vendor/bin/package-manager install <name>      # Install package
vendor/bin/package-manager uninstall <name>    # Uninstall package

Example of package installation

composer require foo/bar:2.0.x [--prefer-dist] # Download package
vendor/bin/package-manager update              # Update local database of packages
vendor/bin/package-manager install     # Install package