Git release manager which provides release strategy by Pull Requests

v1.3.39 2018-12-19 12:50 UTC


It is console tool which allows to create release and pre-release tags on github. The workflow looks as follows:

  • Init configuration. It can be the folder of the project or any other folder. The tool does not depend on the repository. It requires api token.
  • Open feature. It creates the branch with prefix feature- directly on github. If option name is not set we try to check and if current folder is repository and the branch name starts with feature- we use it as the name option. It is useful for quick test/release current feature.
  • Test feature. This command opens pull request to master branch, if it is not opened yet and marks the Pull request with label IN-BETA. It is used to compile test release (Release Candidate)
  • Release feature. This command marks pull request with OK-PROD label. It is used to compile stable release.
  • Create Test release(Release candidate). This command creates Release Candidate branch and merge pull requests marked IN-BETA into it. It also creates pre-release tag. So, you can push this tag into test server.
  • Create Test release(Release candidate). This command verifies if Pull Requests marked OK-PROD can be merged and merge them with squash stratagy into master. It also creates release tag. So, you can push this tag into production server.


Go to latest release and download git-release-man.phar https://github.com/vdubyna/git-release-man/releases/latest


Init configuration

./git-release-man.phar git-release:build init

Open new Feature

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature open --name FEATURE_NAME_HERE

Close Feature

Removes feature branch from remote repository

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature close --name FEATURE_NAME_HERE

Reopen Feature

Removes labels from pull request. It exclude feature from builds.

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature reopen --name FEATURE_NAME_HERE

List available features

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature list

Mark Feature ready for testing

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature test --name FEATURE_NAME_HERE

Mark Feature ready for release

./git-release-man.phar git-release:feature release --name FEATURE_NAME_HERE

Create test release (Release Candidate) Tag and Branch

./git-release-man.phar git-release:build test

Merge pull requests into master branch, create release tag

./git-release-man.phar git-release:build release

Get latest release tag

./git-release-man.phar git-release:build latest-release

Get latest test release tag

./git-release-man.phar git-release:build latest-test-release

Development commands

# generate secure token for travis, is required to deploy release
travis encrypt api_key_here
# Add api key variable to env
travis env set GITHUBKEY api_key_here --private -r vdubyna/git-release-man