Web-based Disque administration and monitoring tool, using Silex

v0.0.2 2017-03-20 04:38 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-01-09 14:36:02 UTC


A web-based management/monitoring GUI for Disque


Getting Started

Install and register the provider

  1. composer require varspool/disque-admin-provider
  2. Register the provider on your $app. The routes will be mounted for you at a configurable prefix:
    $app->register(new \Varspool\DisqueAdmin\DisqueAdminProvider(), [
        // A prefix at which the admin routes will be mounted
        'disque_admin.mount_prefix' => '/_disque',
  3. Link (or serve, using your webserver configuration) the resources/public directory at the same prefix (using try_files for example, so we still fall back to PHP for missing paths). e.g.
    cd web && ln -s ../vendor/varspool/disque-admin-provider/resources/public _disque

Configure connection

Configure single connection

You can use the following simple properties to configure a single connection:

  • string, default ''
  • disque_admin.port: int, default 7711
  • disque_admin.password: ?string, default null

Configure multiple connections

You can optionally configured multiple connections. Extend the disque_admin.credentials service and replace it with an array of Disque\Connection\Credentials instances.

$app->extend('disque_admin.credentials', function (Application $app) {
   return [
       new Credentials(
       new Credentials(


  • Queue view
  • Job view