PHP library for Disque, an in-memory, distributed job queue

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A PHP library for the very promising disque distributed job queue. Features:

  • Support for both PHP (5.5+) and HHVM
  • No dependencies: Fast connection to Disque out-of-the-box
  • High level API to easily push jobs to a queue, and retrieve jobs from queues
  • Easily schedule jobs for execution at a certain DateTime
  • Use the built in Job class, or implement your own
  • Smart node connection support based on number of jobs produced by nodes
  • Connect to Disque with the built-in connection, or reutilize your existing Redis client (such as predis)
  • Supporting all current Disque commands, and allows you to easily implement custom commands
  • Fully unit tested


$ composer require mariano/disque-php --no-dev

If you want to run its tests remove the --no-dev argument.


This library provides a Queue API for easy job pushing/pulling, and direct access to all Disque commands via its Client API.

Create the client:

use Disque\Connection\Credentials;
use Disque\Client;

$nodes = [
    new Credentials('', 7711),
    new Credentials('', 7712, 'password'),

$disque = new Client($nodes);

Queue a job:

$job = new \Disque\Queue\Job(['name' => 'Claudia']);

Schedule job to be processed at a certain time:

$job = new \Disque\Queue\Job(['name' => 'Mariano']);
$disque->queue('my_queue')->schedule($job, new \DateTime('+2 hours'));

Fetch queued jobs, mark them as processed, and keep waiting on jobs:

$queue = $disque->queue('my_queue');
while ($job = $queue->pull()) {
    echo "GOT JOB!";

For more information on the APIs provided, read the full documentation.


$ phpunit


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you need some help or even better want to collaborate, feel free to hit me on twitter: @mgiglesias


If you discover any security related issues, please contact @mgiglesias instead of using the issue tracker.


First and foremost, Salvatore Sanfilippo for writing what looks to be the definite solution for job queues (thanks for all the fish Gearman).

Other disque client libraries for the inspiration.

The PHP League for an awesome skeleton, and tips about packaging PHP components.

A special acknolewdgment and appreciation for our amazing contributors!


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.