A packaged client for the service

0.0.2 2016-01-22 03:33 UTC


This is a small client package wrapped around GuzzleHttp in order to simplify retrieving thumbnails of web pages as JPEGS via the service


Recommended installation is via composer

php composer.phar require vanqard/pagepeekr


After the package has been installed, usage is reasonable simple.

First, build up an array of parameters like this. (Note that only the sourceUrl parameter is required)

$params = [
    'sourceUrl' => '',
    // Optional parameters
    'targetFileName' => '/public/images/phpbrilliance_thumbnail.jpg',
    'thumbnailSize' => 't|s|m|l|x',
    'pollInterval' => 5 // I don't recommend changing the default

Then instantiate the client with the parameter array

$client = new \Vanqard\PagePeekr\Client($params);

And request the thumbnail from like so

$filename = $client->fetchThumbNail();

The $filename variable is populated with the path to the downloaded thumbnail.

Still to do

  • Unit tests
  • Added flexibility


This code is far from being production ready. Please do feel free to experiment with it.


If you find any security issues with this package, please contact the author directly here: