Thrift server application using Yii2

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Thrift extension for Yii2

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist urbanindo/yii2-thrift "*"

or add

"urbanindo/yii2-thrift": "*"

Minimum Requirement


Put the thrift file into some directory thrift in the root is preferable.

Generate the thrift file using command below.

thrift --gen php:server,oop path/to/the/thrift/file

In the index.php instead of using the default yii\web\Application use UrbanIndo\Yii2\Thrift\Application.

In the component configuration add the thrift configuration.

return [
    'component' => [
        'thrift' => [
            'serviceMap' => [
                '' => 'service'

Create a service in the services directory, similar to controllers. This should implement both the Interface from generated Thrift file and UrbanIndo\Yii2\Thrift\Service interface.

class HelloService implements \myservice\HelloServiceIf, \UrbanIndo\Yii2\Thrift\Service {

    public function getProcessorClass {
        return 'myservice\HelloServiceProcessor';