Extension LTree (Postgres) for Laravel

7.4.1 2022-07-21 11:47 UTC


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LTree Extension (PostgreSQL) for Laravel.


Run this command to install:

php composer.phar require umbrellio/laravel-ltree

How to use

Implement your Eloquent\Model from LTreeModelInterface and use LTreeModelTrait.

Use LTreeService for build path:

  1. when create model: createPath(LTreeModelInterface $model)
  2. when update model: updatePath(LTreeModelInterface $model) for update path for model and children
  3. when delete model: dropDescendants(LTreeModelInterface $model) for delete children models

The get() method returns LTreeCollection, instead of the usual Eloquent\Collection.

LTreeCollection has a toTree() method that converts a flat collection to a tree.

LTreeResourceCollection & LTreeResource, which take LTreeCollection as an argument, will also be useful.


Created by Korben Dallas.

Supported by Umbrellio