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logo Ultra-Lite Container

An ultra-lightweight DI container. The Ultra-Lite container is PSR-11 compliant. (Previous versions supported container-interop instead.)

Use anonymous functions as factories to specify your services.

This container also supports the Delegate Lookup pattern, and comes with a basic composite container.


Setting services individually

    function (\Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container) {
        return new \stdClass();

Setting services from a config file

Add factory closures to the container inline, or using a config file as below.

Example config file:

return [
    'service-id' =>
        function (\Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container) {
            return new \stdClass();

Using config file:


Service retrieval

Get services out of the container like this:

$object = $container->get('service-id');

See if a service exists

Check if something is in the container like this:

$thingExists = $container->has('service-id');

Use with the Delegate Lookup pattern

If you're not using the Delegate Lookup concept from the Container-Interop standard, ignore this bit. If you are, you can do this:

$container = new \UltraLite\Container\Container();
$delegateContainer = new \UltraLite\CompositeContainer\CompositeContainer(); // or any delegate container
$compositeContainer->addContainer($container); // will vary for other composite containers

The Ultra-Lite Composite Container is an extremely lightweight delegate container you may wish to use.

When the container is asked for a service using get(), it will return it. It will pass the Composite Container into the factory closure, so it is from here that any dependencies of your service will be retrieved.


Ultra-Lite Container was originally inspired by Pimple, which still makes an excellent DI container in PHP. Container-Interop compliant wrappers are available. Another excellent project, Picotainer, is along similar lines, with the principle difference being that the dependencies are defined at the time of instantiation of the container.


composer require ultra-lite/container


Contributions welcome.

You can run the tests with ./vendor/bin/behat -c tests/behat/behat.yml and ./vendor/bin/phpspec r -c tests/phpspec/phpspec.yml.