JSON-RPC Api documentation generator

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Api documentation generator (JSON-RPC / REST)

(No matter whether you're using REST or JSON-RPC or some other api architecture/scheme)


There is an example documentation directory: demo, as you can see above. Generated example documentation: https://contributte.github.io/anabelle.

Extended Markdown syntax

#include <file.md>

#include variables.md

$variable = <value>

$uuid = 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000

Inline variable usage

User uuid is {$uuid}

$$blockVariable ... $$

	"jsonrpc": "2.0",
	"result": {},
	"id": null

Block variable usage

Server returns response:


@ <sectionName>:<sectionFile.md>

High-level section definition. This macro available only in index.md file.

@ Home:home.md
@ About project:about.md

@@ <sectionName>:<sectionFile.md>

Method section definition. This macro available only in index.md file.

@@ user.login:methods/user.login.md
@@ user.logout:methods/user.logout.md
@@ user.register:methods/user.register.md
@@ user.confirm-registration:methods/user.confirm-registration.md

[File link](foo/bar/data.json)

File link will create a link to file (foo/bar/data.json). The file will be copied to documentation output directory for safety reasons.

[File link](foo/bar/data.json)
[Project root directory file link](../app/schema/user.json)

How to use anabelle

~ $ cd myApi
~/myApi $ composer require ublaboo/anabelle
~/myApi $ vendor/bin/anabelle docs-src docs

CLI options

Automatically overwrite output directory

vendor/bin/anabelle docs-src docs -o
// Or
vendor/bin/anabelle docs-src docs --overwriteOutputDir

Add http auth to generated files

Beware! Anabelle generates by default .html files. If you are using http auth, it generates .php files due to the need of validating http auth headers.

vendor/bin/anabelle docs-src docs -u user -p pass
// Or
vendor/bin/anabelle docs-src docs --httpAuthUser user -httpAuthPass pass

Generator workflow

  1. Most important (and only required) file is index.md. In this file, you can use only (different Markdown markup is ignored in index.md):
    • # <h1>
    • ## <h2>
    • #include <file.md>
    • $variable = <value>
    • $$blockVariable ... $$
    • @ <sectionName>:<sectionFile.md>
    • @@ <sectionName>:<sectionFile.md>)
  2. #include macros are replaced
  3. <h1> is used as documentation page title (only the first found one is used)
  4. <h2> can be used wherever you want in the sidebar
  5. @ and @@ sections are rendered in the sidebar nav
  6. Content of @ and @@ sections is rendered into separate files and loaded into the main section detail after clicking particular section link in the nav