Execute TYPO3 Console commands on 'composer install'

v1.1.1 2023-05-22 12:22 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-22 14:31:04 UTC


Execute TYPO3 Console commands in Composer build process

This is a composer package that aims to simplify running TYPO3 Console every time composer dumps autoload information, e.g. during a composer install run.

The following TYPO3 Console commands are executed:

  • install:generatepackagestates (only TYPO3 Console lower than 7.0)
  • install:fixfolderstructure

And in the case TYPO3 appears to be setup properly (typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php or config/system/settings.php file is not missing) and running composer in dev mode (without --no-dev) these commands are also executed:

  • extension:setup (or extension:setupactive in TYPO3 Console versions lower than 7.0)

See the command reference for details on these commands.

The benefits of using this package over just specifying the console commands in your composer.json scripts sections are:

  • Works in diverse environments (OSX, Linux, Windows) and always uses the PHP binary that is used for executing composer
  • Can be used as dependency in any package, not only your root package


composer require typo3-console/composer-auto-commands