Provides compatibility between Attribute landing module and Tweakwise module.


This is a compatibility module for Magento2AttributeLanding and Magento2Tweakwise. It will install the following packages:

  1. tweakwise/tweakwise
  2. tweakwise/tweakwise-export
  3. tweakwise/magento2-attributelanding
  4. tweakwise/magento2-attributelanding-tweakwise (this package)

Packages tweakwise/tweakwise and tweakwise/tweakwise-export provides magento2 integration with the Tweakwise navigator ( Package tweakwise/magento2-attributelanding provides magento2 support for landingspages based on attributes and categories for example "red-pants", here category is "pants" and the attribute is color with value red. This package provides the integration between the navigator and the landingspages.


Install package using composer

composer require tweakwise/magento2-attributelanding-tweakwise

Run installers

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

A note on navigation.

It is possible to have your users navigate to a landingpage when the user happens to select a set of filters which matches a landingpage. In order to do this one has to enable "tweakwise_attributelanding/general/allow_crosslink". It is also important to note that in order to achieve this the filter values configured in the landingpage match the tweakwise filter values (as known in the navigator) exactly, this is case sensitive!


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