Youwe PHP Coding Standard for Magento2

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2.2.1 2024-06-10 08:22 UTC


This is the Youwe coding standard for Magento 2 projects. It is based on the default Magento2 coding standard but some tests have been removed to create a workable and fast standard.


Use composer to require the standard in a project.

composer require --dev youwe/coding-standard-magento2 -W

To let PHPCS know that this standard should be used add a phpcs.xml file in the root of the project.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <rule ref="YouweMagento2"/>

Integration with PHPStorm and automatic testing

The recommended way to enable the coding standard in PHPStorm and automatic testing is by requiring the Youwe testing suite in a project.

composer require --dev youwe/testing-suite

For more information go to Youwe Testing Suite.

Contribution guidelines

Contributions are welcome. Please create pull requests which add or remove tests.