A module that is able to perform various checks on the health of a SimpleSAMLphp installation

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This module provides a framework for monitoring SimpleSAMLphp.

Using TestSuites and TestCases, virtually anything can be monitored. TestSuites and TestCases for the most common usecases ship with the module, but you can easily add your own!

When you enable this module, a link to the monitoring-page will appear on the admin configuration-tab. Add ?output=xml to the url to get an XML-representation of the monitoring-page, for use with your 3rd party monitoring system like SCOM / Nagios, or even load balancers that determine a node's health. A JSON-formatted output is also possible using ?output=json in the url.

The XML-page will also set a HTTP reponse-code corresponding to the 'overall status':

  • 200 - Everything is OK
  • 417 - There is at least one warning
  • 500 - There is at least one error


Install with composer

vendor/bin/composer require tvdijen/simplesamlphp-module-monitor


Next thing you need to do is to enable the module:

in config.php, search for the module.enable key and set monitor to true:

    'module.enable' => [ 'monitor' => true, … ],

Copy config-templates/module_monitor.php to the SimpleSAML config-directory