Provides a Timeular integration for your Symfony 4 Project.

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TimeularPublicApiBundle is a way to integrate your time tracking with the Timeular ZEI° device into your Symfony application, but with a bit less work, an easy configuration and predefined useful filters.

Install the package with:

composer require tuc0w/timeular-public-api-bundle --dev

And that's it! If you're not using Symfony Flex, you'll also need to enable the Tuc0w\TimeularPublicApiBundle\Tuc0wTimeularPublicApiBundle in your AppKernel.php file.


A few things needs be configured directly by creating a new config/packages/tuc0w_timeular_public_api.yaml file. The default values are:

# config/packages/tuc0w_timeular_public_api.yaml
        api_base_url:    https://api.timeular.com
        api_key:         your_api_key
        api_secret:      your_api_secret
        api_timeout:     30.0
        api_version:     /api/v2


This bundle provides a single service to access the API, which you can autowire by using the TimeularClient type-hint:

// src/Controller/SomeController.php
use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\AbstractController;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\JsonResponse;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\Annotation\Route;
use Tuc0w\TimeularPublicApiBundle\Service\Client as TimeularClient;

class SomeController extends AbstractController {
    private $timeular;

    public function __construct(TimeularClient $timeular) {
        $this->timeular = $timeular;

     * @Route("/", name="app_homepage")
    public function index() {

        // get the time entries from today
        return new JsonResponse(
                new \DateTime(),
                new \DateTime()

You can also access this service directly using the id tuc0w_timeular_public_api.client.

$timeular = $container->get('tuc0w_timeular_public_api.client');

Available methods

Currently there are only a few methods available:

Method Parameter Description
getActivities() none Returns a list of created activities.
getCurrentTracking() none Returns the time entry that is currently tracked.
getDevices() none Returns a list of registered devices.
getTagsAndMentions() none Returns a list of used tags and mentions.
getTimeEntries($stoppedAfter, $startedBefore) DateTimeInterface Returns all time entries between the given start/end date.
signIn() none Uses the api key/secret to generate a token to sign in.


  • Basic functionality
  • Create custom filter methods
  • Integrate missing endpoints


Please feel comfortable submitting issues or pull requests: all contributions and questions are warmly appreciated :)