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a plugin of voyager for excel export


  • voyager this is a missing laravel admin


composer require tu6ge/voyager-excel


1. disable special Model

You can disable export button in special Model :

class Example extends Model
    public $disable_export = true;

    // ...

2. Allow export all records of special Model, default export selected records

class Example extends Model
    public $allow_export_all = true;

    // ...

3. Custom export excel content and format.

Now, You can customize the export excel content and format, Use more features of maatwebsite/excel:

  1. Create a custom export class , and extends Tu6ge\VoyagerExcel\Exports\AbstractExport :

namespace YourApp;

use Tu6ge\VoyagerExcel\Exports\AbstractExport;

class MyCustomExport extends AbstractExport
    protected $dataType;
    protected $model;

    public function __construct($dataType, array $ids)
        $this->dataType = $dataType;
        $this->model = new $dataType->model_name(); // this is current Model instance
        // $ids is user selected record ids 

        // write your own idea

Export class more usage, see laravel excel documents

  1. Associate the export with your model:

namespace Models;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class User extends Model
    public $export_handler = \YourApp\MyCustomExport::class;

now, you export this Model data , the excel format is your custom.

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  • en


run composer test command.


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