Twig templated Swift_Message builder service.

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TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder class allows you following things:

  • to create Twig templated Swift_Message
  • to create inline styled html email from unstyled html and css strings
  • to embed some image files into message body


  • PHP 5.3+

Getting started

First add this dependency into your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "ttskch/twigged-swiftmessage-builder": "~2.0"

Then you can send Twig templated email as below:

{# email.txt.twig #}

{% block from %}{% endblock %}
{% block from_name %}[Example]{% endblock %}
{% block subject %}Welcome to [Example]!{% endblock %}

{% block body %}
Hello [Example] World!
{% endblock %}
// in your application.

$builder = new \Ttskch\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder($tiwg);  // $twig is an instance of \Twig_Environment class.

$message = $builder->buildMessage('email.txt.twig');

$mailer->send($message);    // $mailer is an instance of \Swift_Mailer class.

In Twig template you can define many things by using {% block [field-name] %}{% endblock %}. These fields can be defined.

  • from
  • from_name
  • to
  • cc
  • bcc
  • reply_to
  • subject
  • body

Use variables in Twig template

Offcourse you can pass variables and use them in Twig template as below:

{# email.txt.twig #}

{% block subject %}Welcome to {{ site_title }}!{% endblock %}
// in your application.

$builder = new \Ttskch\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder($tiwg);

$message = $builder->buildMessage('email.txt.twig', array(
    'site_title' => 'FooBar Service',


Use inline-styled html email

You can make inline-styled html from unstyled html and css strings. To allow recipients of your html email to receive it with Gmail, you will have to make inline-styled html body.

// in your application.

$builder = new \Ttskch\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder($tiwg);

$message = $builder->buildMessage('email.html.twig');

$style = file_get_contents('/path/to/style.css');

$message = $builder->setInlineStyle($message, $style);



This functionality is using mb_convert_encoding() with 'auto' internally. So if you use this you must set mbstring.language in php.ini or call mb_language('your_language') on ahead.


この機能は内部的に mb_convert_encoding()'auto' を渡して実行します。なので、php.ini で mbstring.language を設定するか、mb_language('Japanese') を事前に実行しておく必要があります。

Embed some image files into message body

You can embed images into message body as below:

{# email.html.twig #}

{% block body %}
<img src="{{ embed_image(image_path) }}"/>
{% endblock %}
// in your application.

$builder = new \Ttskch\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder\TwiggedSwiftMessageBuilder($tiwg);

$message = $builder->buildMessage('email.html.twig', array(
    'image_path' => '/path/to/image/file',

// you can get renderable html with base64 encoded images. (In case you want to print preview.)
$renderableHtml = $builder->renderBody($message);

// you must finalize embedding before send message.
$message = $builder->finalizeEmbedding($message);



See also functional tests to understand basic usages.