Laravel package for working with Billmate API

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Laravel Billmate

Laravel package for interacting with Billmate API.


composer require ttrig/laravel-billmate


Publish the configuration file using this command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Ttrig\Billmate\ServiceProvider"

Add a Billmate ID and key in .env.


Update config/billmate.php to use your own controller(s).

'accept_action' => 'App\Http\Controllers\BillmateController@accept',
'cancel_action' => 'App\Http\Controllers\BillmateController@cancel',
'callback_action' => \Ttrig\Billmate\Controllers\CallbackController::class,

General payment flow

Usage example


use Ttrig\Billmate\Article as BillmateArticle;
use Ttrig\Billmate\Service as BillmateService;

class CheckoutController extends Controller
    public function index(BillmateService $billmate)
        $articles = collect()->push(new BillmateArticle([
            'title' => '1kg potatoes',
            'price' => 30,

        $checkout = $billmate->initCheckout($articles);

        return view('checkout', compact('checkout'));

You can view or update the data to be sent to Billmate by passing a callback as second argument to initCheckout.

$billmate->initCheckout($articles, function (&$data) {
    data_set($data, 'PaymentData.autoactivate', '1');


To render the Billmate Checkout iframe you can use $checkout->iframe() in your blade template or write your own iframe and pass $checkout->url to its src attribute.


To update height of the Checkout when it updates, we need this JavaScript.

window.addEventListener('message', function (event) {
    if (event.origin !== '') {

    try {
        var json = JSON.parse(
    } catch (e) {

    if (json.event === 'content_height') {

Redirect controller

You need your own controller(s) for handling the accept and cancel redirections.

use Ttrig\Billmate\Order as BillmateOrder;
use Ttrig\Billmate\Service as BillmateService;

class YourRedirectController extends Controller
    public function accept(BillmateService $billmate)
        $order = new BillmateOrder(request()->data);

        $paymentInfo = $billmate->getPaymentInfo($order);

        return view('payment.accept');

    public function cancel()
        return view('payment.cancel');

Callback controller

If you use Ttrig\Billmate\Controllers\CallbackController::class as your "callback_action" in config/billmate.php, you need to listen to the Ttrig\Billmate\Events\OrderCreated event in your EventServiceProvider to handle the order.

protected $listen = [
    \Ttrig\Billmate\Events\OrderCreated::class => [

Read more about events at


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laravel-billmate is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.