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Feed RSS + Atom Syndication package for TYPO3 Neos

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dev-master 2016-04-19 22:10 UTC

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A feed syndication package dedicated to TYPO3 Neos.

With this package your can create a custom document Ttree.Aggregator:Feed type in your content repository. In this document, you can configure the feed URI, crawling frequency. A cron task, based on Ttree.Scheduler, is automatically created when you published the node. During syndication, the system will create automaticaly one sub document per item found in the RSS or ATOM feed.

Warning: This package is in is early age, so things can change ;) This package target the version 1.3 of Neos and currently work only on master with the following patch applied:


Feel free to open issue if you need a specific feature and better send a pull request. Here are some idea for future improvements:

  • More robust feed parsing, need more feedback to know if the current parser work correctly
  • Add support for GUID in feed, currently we create a new node based on the document title, this title can change, so we can have multiple document for the same item.
  • Add proper TypoScript configuration to display to feed content
  • Improve rendering of the TypoScript syndicated document rendering


Development sponsored by ttree ltd - neos solution provider.


Licensed under GPLv2+, see LICENSE