Simple task scheduler for Neos Flow Framework

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3.1.4 2022-10-11 19:55 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-11 23:43:34 UTC


A basic tasks scheduler inspired by cron for your Flow and Neos project.

Create a Task object

You need to implement the Ttree\Scheduler\Task\TaskInterface::

class MyTask implements \Ttree\Scheduler\Task\TaskInterface {
	 * @param array
	 * @return void
	public function execute(array $arguments = array()) {
		// ...

Dynamic Tasks

You can schedule your own Task object, by adding a ```Ttree\Scheduler\Annotations\Schedule`` annotation to your class::

use Ttree\Scheduler\Annotations as Scheduler;
 * @Scheduler\Schedule(expression="* * * * *")
class MyTask implements \Ttree\Scheduler\Task\TaskInterface {
	// ...

This task will be executed every minute. Dynamic task do not support arguments, the $arguments of the execute method is always an empty array.

If your expression contains slashes, you have to double-escape them. I.e. run the task every 5 minutes: @Scheduler\Schedule(expression="*\\/5 * * * *")

You can also add a description to your task using the Meta annotation::

use Ttree\Scheduler\Annotations as Scheduler;
 * @Scheduler\Meta(description="Describes your task.")

Persisted Tasks

You can also create persisted tasks. Persisted tasks support execution argument. You can register the same task object multiple times, if your arguments are different between each task. You can pass a valid JSON arguments array:

flow task:register --expression "* */3 * * *" --task "Ttree\Aggregator\Task\AggregatorTask" --arguments '{"node": "af97b530-0c70-7b87-3cf4-f9a611f88c18"}'

Available Configuration Options

Available CLI helpers

List all available tasks (dynamic and persisted):

flow task:list

Run all due tasks (dynamic and persisted):

flow task:run

Directly run a single task:

flow task:runSingle --task [identifier]

Enable a persisted task:

flow task:enable --task [identifier]

Disable a persisted task:

flow task:disable --task [identifier]


Feel free to open issue if you need a specific feature and better send a pull request. Here are some idea for future improvements:

  • A Neos backend module to have an overview of tasks
  • Asynchronous task handling or multi thread (pthread support)


This package is inspired by Famelo.Scheduler - by mneuhaus.

Development sponsored by ttree ltd - neos solution provider.


Licensed under GPLv2+, see LICENSE