The PHP Library to build interoperable learning tools

0.3.1 2017-01-05 01:29 UTC


This is part of the Tsugi PHP Project and contains the run-time objects and scripts that support PHP Tsugi applications and modules.

Here is some documentation for the APIs that are provided by this library:

In addition to being used as part of the base Tsugi installs, Tsugi standalone application or modules will generally pull this in as a Packagist dependency using Composer.

For samples of how to use this code in a standalone library or an application, please see the following repositories:

  • Sample Tsugi Module - Copy this if you want to start a fresh Tsugi Module from scratch. If you are building a new tool from scratch, you should build it as a "Tsugi Module" following all of the Tsugi style guidance, using the Tsugi browser environment, and making full use of the Tsugi framework. This repository contains a basic "Tsugi Module" you can use as a starting point.

  • Sample Tsugi-Enabled Application - You can also use Tsugi as a library and add it to a few places in an existing application. This repository contains sample code showing how to use Tsugi as a library in an existing application.

Unit Testing

To test:

    php phpunit-old.phar 


This is stored in Packagist.


Making PHPDoc

Install this:


Curl this:

curl -O https://www.phpdoc.org/phpDocumentor.phar

Run this:

rm -r .tmp_phpdoc .out_phpdoc
php phpDocumentor.phar -c phpdoc.dist.xml
rm -r .tmp_phpdoc

Open this:

open .out_phpdoc/index.html